I recently found this interesting game that is about to launch.

We are all aware of the recent crypto-mania and NFTs. Especially games with NFTs where the NFTs are being sold for 10s of thousands of dollars.

But to be honest most of the graphics of these NFTs or games…

Although it is widely considered as the first computer game in history; actually Spacewar! is one of the (if not first) early video games. But when we talk about “the first computer game” then we need to take a step back.

The first computer game was invented in 1912 by…

This error message made me crazy today and cost me 15 minutes.

So writing here the potential mistake you are making so maybe you can save 10 minutes if you…

Yes, it is; if you don’t configure WSL limits.

As I mentioned here; I needed to help a friend set up a development environment in Windows.

And once we set up it, we have seen it almost killed the machine:)

Incredibly slow.

Then we have checked the task manager to…

So I normally use my Ubuntu machine for development.

But recently I needed to help my friend to set up a development environment on Windows.

Other than many WSL(Windows Services…

So you have your new desktop pc and you installed Ubuntu.

Maybe you bought a wifi adaptor probably TP-LINK TL-WN823N| but you can not get the speed you want.


This will be quick post.

I have steam installed on my Ubuntu machine and everything was working fine.

One day when I tried to start Steam to play a game I realized it is not launching.

It turned out installing cuda on Ubuntu 18.04 broke Steam. After I dig deeper…

Part 4: NumPy

Array Indexes

To access array elements of a one dimensional array you can use C style indexing. Which is very straightforward; you just type the index inside brackets. Remember indexes start from ‘0’.

out: array([1, 3, 3, 5, 6, -1])
out: 1
out: -1

I have been using pytube library to do some test with youtube videos.

But within a single day; I started to get HTTP 429(too many request) errors.

Which is fair; I should have placed more sleeps between download requests.

The problem is; although I have updated my code to place…

Today when I was trying to run a pytest module; I got this error:

“E fixture ‘mocker’ not found”.

I have spent 10 minutes to find what is causing this.

Emre Bayram


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